Where do you take your photos?
I photograph on location in Wellington and the surrounding areas.  This can be at your home, a hotel room, apartment or anywhere that takes your fancy.

When can I do my shoot?
I shoot mainly in the weekends but with advance notice I can make arrangements during the week.

Is makeup and hair stylist included?
At this stage, no.  You will need to organise your own makeup and hair stylist before the shoot.

Are outfits and clothing supplied?
No.  You will need to bring your own outfits, lingerie and any accessories with you to the shoot.

What is the cost of the shoot?
Please find the price structure here

How do I contact you to organise a shoot?
Go to the Contact page and submit an email.  I will reply as soon as possible to arrange the shoot.

What information do you require?
Initially, just a time when you would like to do the shoot and the location.  From the initial contact we can arrange a mutually suitable time and discuss what sort of images you wish to take away from the shoot.

Do I have to get naked?
Not at all.  This decision is totally up to you.  You don’t have to be nude to get good photos.  Keep an open mind and see how things develop in the shoot.

Do you retouch the images?
Yes, but I try to keep the changes to a minimum.  I will remove moles, tattoos (if small) and any blemishes you wouldn’t want to show, but I try to keep the photos as original as possible.  No over the top airbrushing is done.

When do I get my photos?
I will endeavour to get the proofs to you within 2 days for you to select the photos you would like to purchase.  Once I have the image numbers I will process them and get them back to you via the preferred delivery method (i.e. email or usb) within a week.

Can I get my photos sooner?
I will try to have them to you as quickly as possible.  If you require them sooner than standard delivery times, let me know so I can try to organise a quicker turn around.

Do you just photograph women?
No, I am happy to photograph men as well.

Do you just do Escort photography?
No, I am happy to do model portfolio shoots, portraits, glamour shoots etc.  If in doubt, send an email via the Contact page and we can discuss your requirements.

What forms of payment do you accept?
At this stage I only accept cash.

Do you do Pornography?
No.  I am not a pornographic artist.  I wish to keep my photography tasteful leaning towards artistic and try to get the best out of a photoshoot for my clients.

What happens to the photos after the shoot?
I will not hold face shots of any escorts on file.  These will be deleted soon after the delivery of the photos to you and confirmation that you do not wish to have any more images processed.  This is to ensure that if you wish to get more shots processed from the shoot, I am able to do so.
I will not distribute them to anyone but yourself unless you specifically instruct me to do so.
There may be times that I would like to post a picture from the shoot on the website.  I will always ask your permission before I do this.