Arianna (

I enjoyed my shoot with The Wellington Escort Photographer. We didn’t have a lot of time but he was very professional. I am very pleased with the pictures that were produced from my shoot.
He processes images very quickly as well (2-5 days). Thank you!   Overall very good experience.
Until next time.


Sensual Masseuse in Wellington

The Wellington Escort Photographer was such a delight to work with! He was very accommodating when it came to where the photos would be taken and the way that they would be taken.
Some photographers want to dictate the setting and pose, but he makes recommendations that are very thoughtful and skilful, which help create the best effect without telling you what to do and is very open to working with the poses you feel most comfortable in. This has been the most positive experience with a photographer, who didn’t want to take advantage, but was very professional and genuinely interested in discovering the kind of shots that you feel most sexy in. He is very kind, generous and hardworking, devoting a lot of time and effort immediately after the shoot to processing your photos and when completed they look even more sensual vibrant and alive than before, because of his intuitive magic :). Thanks for being so enthusiastic about working with lots of women and bringing out their inner and outer beauty, as well as being friendly, non-judgmental and a strong advocate of women choosing their own profession and enjoying it. You are a trusted photographer and approach this as a friend who cares and wants to help, which sets you apart from all the other photographers. You deserve many clients in the future who treat you with the same respect you always seem to give those you photograph, with the best intentions to help capture that unique beauty and spark women deserve to have seen by many people they want to reach out to. Thanks for making it such a priority to process the photographs and for being a very direct, professional and compassionate man for the whole process and for always being in communication whenever there was something to discuss without fail. You have an intuitive knowledge about what makes the perfect, sexy photo and you will do anything you can to capture the perfect moment from the perfect creative angle. You have a lifelong passion for photography and a lifelong love and appreciation for the female form that really shines through. Thanks for lending us your skills and for completely believing in us to do as we wish without being someone who is close minded and judgmental of women who have something very valuable to offer and want to receive something valuable in return.


Heer xxx (

An absolutely SENSATIONAL experience working with Him. He is a true artist and master of his work. Emphasis on Artist! He takes my photos to a whole new level. I have never had so much fun playing in and chasing light as I did with Him. The photos were just beyond anything I could have imagined. I felt so comfortable and felt very friendly around him. I will be highly recommending him for photography.
Very high quality photos – worth every penny. He works HARD for his shots, and I was SO impressed with him on my photography day. The lengths he goes to for his pictures. He wants them to be the best.
Thank u so much again.


Peaches (

Getting quality photos is best achieved with someone who knows what they are doing.
wellingtonescortphotography is now my choice for all my glamour photography.  Skilled, artistic, innovative and fun to do a shoot with, and a really fast turn around time on the photosets.  I fully endorse wellingtonescortphotography to all ladies, and not just escorts, who seek someone they can feel 100% comfortable with, who goes the extra mile to ensuring you are completely satisfied with the results.
Kind regards


Amanda Jameson (

Photoshoots can be a chaotic event. It is my experience that photos come out better when you are relaxed and having fun. After doing a few shoots with Wellington Escort Photography, I can ascertain, this is the photographer to go to for professionalism, creativity, and fun.
The turn around time is exceptional and communication during the entire process (excuse my pun), is exceptional. If you are results focused, this is the photographer you need to see.   Totally recommend.
Warm regards